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Welcome to our projects page. In 2000, we performed our first session together for the Gesu 25th Grade School reunion. After much prodding from Ben, Frank agreed to get involved and we performed after the reunion in Dee's Cafe... what is now the CRR main rehearsal area. The band included Ben on guitar, Chris on Drums, Frank on Keyboard and guitar, and Kevin on Bass. Gloria was on vocals also. The crowd was slim but appreciative. Our list of songs included: Cocaine, White Room, Born to be Wild, Smoke on the Water, Feel like Makin Love, Do You Feel Like I Do? Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet, Slowride, Can’t Get Enough, Hotblooded, Fool For The City, School’s Out, Rock and Roll All Night, Dream On, Midnight Moses, Machine Head, Can’t Explain, Thank You, R&R,

In 2005 the group reunited a second time with a much more ambitious project for the Gesu class of 1976 30th reunion. The group firmed up with the addition of Darren on bass and Brian adding some support guitar. Under Ben's prodding, the group performed a set of 60s instrumentals and then 3 sets of classic rock favorites. Almost 4 hours of music performed in the converted first floor studios of Frank and Dee, which doubled as the Gesu 30th reunion hall. What a show! The center for Rock Research was born..

Not wanting to wait 5 years for another project, the center staff decided to do Tommy by the who. Performed at the Jigsaw Saloon on Sept 1 , 2007, the show was a success. and the research was witnessed by over 130 persons. Project R is currently under way! Stay Tuned!!!